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About Jessica

Jessica holds a Master's in Nutrition, Bachelor's in Psychology, and is a NASM CPT, nutritionist, health coach, and food relationships coach. She's a vegan competitive powerlifter and former bikini athlete. She qualified for the APA World Championships in 2016 and took 2nd place. Jessica has been an athlete her whole life and grew up playing competitive volleyball, softball, tennis, and swimming, and an avid snowboarder and hiker. She's body positive, body-affirming, and promotes health at every size. One of her specialties is working with clients with histories of disordered eating and complicated food relationships. Also specializes in plant-based annd whole food nutrition. 

More facts about Jessica:

  • Traveled to 20 different countries
  • Has skydived twice and bungee jumped twice (once in Thailand and once in New Zealand)
  • Has hiked six mountains over 14,000 feet
  • Can deadlift 300 pounds
  • Makes the best cashew cheese sauce ever
  • Jessica sees health as holistic - ass the optimal, physical, mental, social, and spirtual functioning of the whole person. Jessica strives to herlp others achieve their own personal optimal state of being.
  • She is currently taking 1-on-1 and semi-private clients