About Self Defense at Ironside


Classes Offered

Learn basic movements and positions with an emphasis on escaping hazardous positions. Expect to work with partners with light cooperative resistance to establish proper fundamental movement.

Beginner Class

Intermediate Class

For students who have become familiar with the beginners class content and want to grown and challenge themselves with more position focused instruction, and more mentally and physically challenging drills, and more resistance. Things you can expect to learn in the intermediate class: submissions, escapes, takedowns, holding dominant position, and striking.

Private Lesson

Getting one on one instruction catered to your personal goals and individual needs.


30 minutes to an hour of talking about your goals and expectations, our training methodologies and self defense mindset and strategy. Expect some time on the mat to experience a short lesson and get a feel for the coaching process.


Learn More about our Self-Defense Instructor, Alberto Padilla