Dustin Brown




What can I say about the last year of my life other than wow and thank you. I had reached a point in my life where I had allowed my struggles to over take me and was living a life of defeat. I wasn't concerned with my well being be it mental, emotional or physical and it showed. It was after a Thanksgiving where I felt like a stranger among my own family that I knew it was time for change and that only I could make it happen. Opportunities began to manifest that allowed me to create the person I wanted to be. I came out to my family with the support of WWE Superstars Paige and Alicia Fox on E networks Total Divas and began to live my truth but the physical aspect was still missing. My friend Angel had embarked on the journey of creating his own destiny and identity and told me to check out his gym. I was terrified! I had no idea how gyms worked and didn't think I'd be welcome. I sucked my preconceptions and accepted that growth is rarely comfortable. I still vividly remember walking in that first day with the thought I'd do this for a month, gain knowledge and then go join a gym where I could do it myself. The truth is I couldn't do it myself, that's why I hadn't been doing it! In that building I found my missing puzzle piece. The Ironside family has been such an amazing support system and source of motivation. The culture that Patrick, Mikala and the other trainers have cultivated is one of encouragement and inclusion. I haven't failed since I've been there because I've learned that when I fall short of a goal, I now know how to get back up again. If you're ready to create the best you possible, I would encourage you to take the first step and come check it out!


Ian José Ramirez

“When I first met Patrick, I had recently lost 70 pounds through traditional diet and exercise. Although back then, my definition of exercise was running on a treadmill, using the weight machines, and maybe attending some sort of fitness class. Needless to say, Patrick, or “Pacman” as he is so endearingly called, came into my life at just right time.

Not only was he my personal trainer, guiding me through weight lifting, helping me set and reach attainable goals, and taking my overall fitness to the next level, but he became someone in whom I could trust, someone with just as much drive and passion as I had, and a true friend.

I have worked with Patrick in a traditional gym setting and through online training and my experience thus far has been incredible. He tailors an individual workout for each client, creates workout plans, sets goals, and even offers nutritional guidance. His knowledge and passion for his craft and serving people is one of a kind. Whether you are a beginner like I was, or are looking for someone to help you reach the next level, I cannot recommend my friend Patrick enough!”

Sarah Auten

I can't say my journey has been easy, but it has been worth it. I started working out at 190 pounds and now weigh 150. It's been hard work dedication and loathes amount of self discipline. Before I started working out with Mikala I had no idea just how important the dieting portion of working out really is. Since I've incorporated counting macros alongside Mikala's personalized program, I've seen amazing results. Working with Ironside Training has become my favorite part of the day. If it is one piece of advice I could give to those who are on a weight loss journey it's that you should do it for yourself not because someone is telling you need to do it.