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About Patrick

Founder and Owner of Ironside Training.

Donut enthusiast

Powerlifter & body composition specialist


World class competitive eater


When he's not supersetting deadlifts and donuts, you can find him digging into the latest training studies or watching re-runs of Scrubs. He used to run a lot, participating in Hood to Coast, and completing a half marathon. But when his body decided to rebel with injury and he realized he liked muscle more than looking skinny, he found the iron and hasn't looked back since. Fluctuating between a husky 220 and a lean 180 over the last 10 years, Patrick has found balance through lifting heavy and eating big, amassing a strange set of accomplishments that include: donning 8 coats of bronzer and dropping to 6% body fat to compete in men's physique, eating 18 hot dogs in 10 min, deadlifting 610lbs, consuming over 8lbs of ice cream sundae in 22min, and benching 347 at UPA Bars Fully Loaded in 2016.

So, whether you want to get stronger, lose some body or... maybe you just want to learn how to speed eat a burrito, Patrick can help!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, USPA Certified Powerlifting Practitioner, BA in Psychology & Sociology from University of Portland.