In addition to semi-private training for your unique goals, we also offer specialized groups in specific movement disciplines and strength sports. Our current offering include:

Olympic Weightlifting: dedicated, personalized programming designed to make you stronger in the snatch, clean, and jerk. If you've ever thought about competing in this classic strength sport, this is the place for you.

Powerlifting: also known as the "slow lifts" powerlifting is raw display of strength through the back squat, bench press, and deadlift. Individualized programming intended to make you stronger and more efficient in your powerlifting.

Strongman/Strength Athletics: A strength sport with a long and storied history, yet still in its infancy as an organized strength sport, strength athletics consists of odd object lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and pressing. Once thought to be the domain of only giants, strongman is quickly becoming strongPERSON with the addition of weight classes and gyms like Ironside with strongman tools for people of all sizes.

Basic Adult Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Handbalancing: At Ironside we love to move heavy stuff, but that's not all we do. We also love to hang, roll, spin, and twist. Learn how to hang, balance/walk on your hands, pull, push, and improve and progress basic maneuvers like the pull-up, push-up, and dip.


Bar List

IPF Approved 20kg OHIO Power Bar

Ohio Deadlift Bar 20kg

Texas Power Bar

Texas Deadlift Bar

Texas Squat Bar

PR Lifting Men's 20kg Olympic Weightlifting Bar

PR Lifting Women's 15kg Olympic Weightling Bar

Elite FTS Saftey Squat Bar

Rogue Trap Bar

Kabuki Duffalo Bar

Iron Mind Buffalo Bar

Swiss Bar

PR Lifting Bar

Training Bar 35 lbs

Strongman Equipment

Custom Farmer's handles 80lb each

PR Lifting Yoke rated to 1000lbs

Custom Loadable Circus Dumbbell 2" handle

Elite FTS Prowler

Deadlift Car Tires

Pulling Sled

Atlas Stone Loading Platforms

Keg 200lbs

Keg 100lbs

Keg 45lbs

Tractor Tire 700lbs

Truck Tire 200lbs

Hammers 12lbs

Med Balls 10-100lbs

Heavy Bag 45lbs

Heavy bag 90lbs

Heavy Bag 115lbs

Heavy Bag 150lbs

Battle Ropes/Pulling Ropes


Concept 2 Rower

Old School Assault Bike



Rubber Coated Hex 5-100lbs

Metal Hex 5-50lbs

1 Loaded Pair

Random assortments 1-12lbs


Wood Panelled 6x8 Olympic Weightlifting

Rubber Coated 4x8 Powerlifing Deadlift w/band pegs


PR Lifting Comp. Grade Bumper 140kg set

Rogue Comp. Grade metal Kilo Plates

PR Lifting Bumper Plates

Assortment of Metal Plates



IPF Spec Texas Strength Systems Combo Squat/Bench

Forza Comp Grade Bench Press

36" x 24" Power Rack Titan Fitness

Power Rack

6 Station rig w/monkey bars up to 12'

Cable Machines

6 Stack Jungle Gym: 2 lat pulls, chest flyes, triceps, etc

Combo Lat pulldown/Horizontal Row

Functional Trainer Adj. Pulleys

Custom Made "Hip Thrust" Station


Olympic Gymnastics Rings

Boxing Heavy Bag

Kettlebells 18kbs - 70lbs

Leg Press/Hack Squat

Leg Extension Machine

Body Tempering Stick 45lbs

Captains Chair/Dip Station

Glute Ham Developer

Utility Flat Benches

Utility Incline Benches


Agility Ladders

Wrestling Mats